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Lost Realities

by Nate Wey

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Wild Freeway 05:48
I am longing to get you home, babe I am longing to have you alone, babe I am dreaming of your ruffled hair, babe Right now I am drinking the memories we share, Babe I'm avoiding telling you all the waves that I can feel While you stand half naked, leaning against my window sill But I'm dreaming of driving round a great big hill I can feel your kisses on me, still I still hang around you, despite all the evidence I'm still glad I found you, despite my past And darling, I know the good things never last But right now just kiss me slowly, love Kiss me slowly, not fast We're both avoiding speaking of the things that we conceal You are wild like the freeway underneath my wheel I'm dreaming of the way your touches feel I can feel your flowers on me love I can feel them still.
Suddenly tamed, the stars in your halo The sky that has changed You live there with Godot Something like fate reflects through your window Its enough to bring you back from zero Wake! (water in the ground) Record the lake Document its sound Something like waves reverberate through clouds Its enough to bring you into right now Reaching our hands across still water Casual stand, something like laughter Dancing to Can Spilling a puzzle Its enough to make me want to let go of doubt Scream through the signal Electrical drown, trees in your igloo Embrace in sound Embrace in circles Its enough to bring you back from zero Unclothed in your chair of pastel green leather I simply stare at you in your sweater Look at your hair fall on your shoulder Its enough to make my hands explore your thorns The roses look dreamy The sand is forlorn cause the prince is leaving The pages are torn -- drawing what you see Its enough to tame the sky around me, love Float home, love.
I lived in a dark landscape once but its alright I made jewels out of my heartbreak once but its alright I ran from deep blue fountains once but its alright I ignored the holy mountain once but its alright I lived in deepest regrets once but its alright I made gold out of dark secrets once but its alright I ran to forbidden mountains I ignored the holy fountains I made love to all my mistakes I made inventions from my heartbreaks Saying please please will you lend me a hand I'm ready to see the light Please please please will you lend me a hand I'm ready to see the light And get this shadow off of me ... Don't want this darkness no more Don't want my shadow controlling what I see I run, I don't walk, there's honey in your embrace Yea darling I'm a swamp You're the alligator that would make me want I come, destroy, succumb, I don't feel no joy When I come I do not talk Kill the lovely flower just to feel its stalk. Please please help me understand I'm ready to see some light Please please please show me how to stand I'm ready to feel this light Get this shadow off me Get this shadow right off of me I don't want this shadow no more Don't want my shadow controlling what I see (When I'm reborn again, my love it will wake)
Movie Ending 03:08
Staring at a broken floor: "You don't know me" You and I we were tumbling around, pretending we were still free. Your hat blows off in the wind, it puts the fire right out You know I felt you were my friend before the feelings went south I just wasn't wild enough for you I just wasn't your type of crazy blue I wanted a movie ending Before you went dark suddenly I couldn't comprehend it We used to laugh between your sheets I used to stare at your hands I liked it when your head hit my chest Can we have a drink and rewind ourselves? Figure out the rest, I guess... I was never wild enough for you I was never your type of crazy blue. Put me on like you used to ...
So long, it was good to see ya Have you in my arms, You pick up the receiver Its been so long since I decided to leave ya I was so so wrong when I thought I didn't need ya You're on the platform I could've sworn that I dreamed ya Oh I want to transform back into a believer Sing me a lovely song with a chorus that lingers I've been thinking all night long Memories burn my fingers You give me one more ticket One more ticket to live We ride the train past midnight Got all this loving to give Its just one more paper One paper to destroy I'm falling down a dark fortress I'm a tumbling boy So long It was good to see ya And have you in my arms You pick up the receiver Its like an alarm that wakes me up with a stinger I was never strong I was just a deceiver We got one more train ride One more ride to the coast I see you blurry now You float away like a ghost You give me one more message One more message to lift I'm missing you like lightning Its just the way that it is You got one more ticket One more ticket to touch I'm feeling real fuzzy now Looking at my broken watch You give me one more paper One paper just to torch I'm falling down a dark vortex Memories are too much (So long, it was good to see you) Embrace on the platform Your lips make me dream And its been so long But I know I still need ya Oh you dress like a potion and my memory lingers (( Spend all my time writing about ghosts / gazing at the vanishing point in the coast / daydream daydream invisible boat /// write it all down to watch the train float....)))) I can feel the light go on, and move me away from the vanishing song I can feel the violent dawn move me away from the Train Plaform.
Gaslighters 04:06
Random Rules 04:13
I'm not an honest man but the good lord knows that I tried And the day that you left is a day in which I never cried


Lost Realities is the first full length album from Nate Wey (Souvenir Driver, and TV song mixer for Jersey Shore and Temptation Island).

It explores themes of romance, break ups, and the apocalypse with cinematic textures and dream states, incorporating elements of indie, psych rock, and dream pop.

You can download the single "Movie Ending" for free.

"A haunting, dreamy track fit for the Roadhouse on Twin Peaks ... lingers in my head with its cinematic feeling and emotive pull."
Obscure Sound (on single Movie Ending)

"A genuine sense of epic to this sound."
Jangle Pop Hub (on single Dark Fountain)

"Should help ease the pain that many of us are feeling.
Oregon Music News (on single Suddenly Tamed)

Featuring members of Portland acts Roselit Bone, Charts, Daydream Machine, and Sheryl Crow.


released July 23, 2021

Written and Produced by Nate Wey

Mixed by Nate Wey, except:

Suddenly Tamed mixed by Gregg Williams
Random Rules and No Harm No Foul mixed by Danny McCullough

All tracks mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

Additional musicians:

Jason Adams / Sun Atoms: Additional vocals on Ghost Station
Tobias Berblinger: Synths or additional synths on Wild Freeway, Dark Fountain, and Movie Ending.
Ethan Boardman: Drums on Dark Fountain
Christa Buckland: Backing vocals on Movie Ending
Kyle Cregan: Drums on Movie Ending
Travis Hendricks: Percussion on Dark Fountain
Josh Kalberg: Bass on Dark Fountain
Trevor Greeley: Drums on Gaslighters
Danny McCullough: Drums on Random Rules
Gregg Williams: Drums on Suddenly Tamed and No Harm, No Foul.

Movie Ending was partially recorded at Singing Sands Studio, by Tobias Berblinger.

Drums for Suddenly Tamed and No Harm recorded at Trench Studios by Gregg Williams.

Drums for Gaslighters and Dark Fountain were recorded by Mike Davidson, in his basement.

Everything else recorded in my apartment. Guests recorded at their homes and emailed me files.

All tracks copyright 2021. Thanks for listening.

Cover art by Nate Wey.

Song artwork by (in alpha order):

Heather Boyd - Suddenly Tamed
Rod Chauvin - Dark Fountain
Sarah Nienaber - Ghost Station
Savannah Prentiss - Movie Ending
Stephen Warwick - Wild Freeway


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Nate Wey Portland, Oregon

Nate Wey is a Portland based musician, and sound mixer for television.
Previous singer of Souvenir Driver.
In 2019, he was commissioned to produce ambient music to play on a loop in the lobby of Portland skyscraper Fair Haired Dumbbell.
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